B10 Berlina, 1951

B12 Berlina, 1954

B50 cabriolet Pinin Farina

B20 coupé, Mille Miglia 1951

B24 Convertible Pinin Farina

AURELIA 1950-1958,
The original GT

In specifications and quality the Aurelia represents the peak of Lancia history. After the war Italy was impoverished but Lancia created a successor for the Aprilia for which neither money nor effort were spared. Although in specifications it was equal to a contemporary Ferrari, the Aurelia was not designed as a racing or sports car. It was a restrained and comfortable saloon.
It had the world’s first V6 engine (60 degrees this time with two separate cylinder heads), a configuration that is very popular today but at the time was believed to be impossible because of balancing problems. The engine was an all-aluminium unit whilst the clutch, gearbox, final-drive and inboard rear brakes were all incorporated in a single unit at the back for better weight distribution.

There was all-round independent suspension with sliding-pillars at the front and semi-trailing triangular arms at the back. This was a new design that would much later be copied by many, including BMW and Mercedes. From front to rear a double exhaust system was employed and doors, bonnet, bootlid and wings were all made of aluminium to reduce weight.
Best known of all the Aurelias is the coupé, the B20. This car wrote history only a month after being introduced by scoring 2nd overall in the 1951 Mille Miglia: a production model of only 2 litres beating all but one of the racing cars from Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo with engines of up to 4½ litres capacity! The B20 was the first car ever to be christened GT (for Gran Turismo), built to travel long distances at high speed in comfort.
The Aurelia Spider, the B24 is one of the most beautiful and most expensive post-war Lancias. First called the Spider America, it was Lancia’s first car that could be ordered with left-hand drive.




Production figure:
Top speed:
Four door pillarless saloon of unitary construction, platform chassis for coachbuild cars.
Aluminium V6 with an inclined angle of 60°, singlecamshaft with push-rods and rockers, 1754, 1991, 2266 and 2451 cc, between 56 and 118 pk.
Four speed, 2/3/4 synchronised, together with clutch, final drive and brakes fitted in transaxle
2860 mm, B20 2660 mm, B24 2450 mm.
1080 - 1250 kg., Coupé 1000 - 1250 kg.
Approximately 16.000.
135 - 185 km/h.