Berlina Pinin Farina

Tourer Viotti, 1931

Sports Saloon Carlton, 1934

Cabriolet Pinin Farina, 1933

DILAMBDA 1929 – 1935,
Criminal history

After the successful introduction of the Lambda, development was started for a bigger car with a (narrow) V8 engine. This project gained momentum when Lancia was introduced to an American businessman who came with a proposal to build a new factory in the United States. Finance would be American and Lancia would design a car specially for the American market. When he travelled to New-York with the prototypes however late in 1927, the whole plan turned out to be a fraud, set up to sell shares and cash in on the Lancia name.
This design was reworked for the European market but because of its American background it is a big, heavy car aimed at the top end of the market.

The Dilambda has the sliding-pillar front suspension and a modern but conventional chassis so coachbuilders can perform their art and it was most often fitted with stylish and luxurious bodywork. In its class the Dilambda was a fine car to drive but the 4 litre V8 with an overhead camshaft was considered a little noisy when compared to the competition.



Production figure:
Top speed:

Pressed steel, welded into box sections and with a cruciform reinforcement.
V8 with an inclined angle of 24°, chain driven overhead camshaft, 3960 cc, 100 pk.
Four speed unsynchronised.
16x50, 2th series 16x45.
3290 or 3475 mm.
Approximately 1900 kg.
Approximately 1.700.
120 Km/h.