Coupé Pininfarina

GT Touring

Convertible Touring

Super Sport Zagato

FLAMINIA 1957-1970,
Style and elegance

In the early fifties cars had rounded shapes with small windows. Pinin Farina – the Italian top designer (from 1961 spelled Pininfarina) – made all these designs look outdated at a single stroke, with the Aurelia Florida. With a single sweeping line from headlamp to taillight, flat surfaces and large windows, this 1955 prototype introduced an angular style that has influenced car styling to the present day. The Florida was built on an Aurelia B12 platform and the Lancia management was so impressed that work started immediately to develop it for production.

The Flaminia, as the new model would be called, had an all new V6 engine, similar to the Aurelia but bigger and stronger. The rear-mounted gearbox and De Dion rear axle were identical to last series Aurelias, but at the front the sliding pillar system had at last given way to a modern double wishbone lay-out. The Flaminia was the first Lancia to be fitted with disc brakes (front and rear), first as an option, but after 500 cars were built they became a standard feature.

Where the Flaminia really excelled was in its styling. The Berlina is the most beautiful closed car ever built by Lancia, and the other models are equally outstanding. Pininfarina built a very chic Coupé, a design reflecting the Berlina. Touring built an aluminium Coupé (GT and GTL) and an identical Convertible. Zagato also worked with aluminium and created the Sport and Super Sport. These Zagato designs have a double-bubble roof for more interior space for driver and passenger and are the fastest and most spectacular of all the Flaminias.






Production figure:
Top speed:

Berlina and Pininfarina Coupé: unitary body made in steel,
Touring and Zagato: platform chassis with aluminium body.
Aluminium V6 with an inclined angle of 60°, single camshaft in the block, 2458 cc, from 1963 2775 cc, 102 - 152 pk.
Fully synchronised four speed, together with clutch, final drive and brakes fitted in transaxle.
Berlina 175–400, other models 165-400.
2870 mm, Coupé 2750 mm, Touring and Zagato 2520 mm, GTL 2600 mm.
Approximately 1500 Kg, Touring and Zagato 1300 - 1400 kg.
Approximately 8.700.
160 - 190 km/h, Zagato Super Sport 210 km/h.